05 April 2006

God Is Dead: What Next?

"We have abolished the real world: what world is left? The apparent world perhaps? ... But no! With the real world we have also abolished the apparent world!" - Nietzsche
"According to Nietzsche's view of Buddhism, the Buddha taught his contemporaries how to face up to the stark, cold, meaninglessness of existence, face up to the fact that in this universe human existence has no special place, and remain aloof, untroubled and cheerful." - Robert G. Morrison*

I bet my shoes that this "spiritual existencialism" added to some lighthearted sense of humor might save the world someday, just like Superman! Zaratustra would be humanly, too humanly happy! ;-)

*Robert G. Morrison (Dharmachari Sagaramati) is the author of Nietzsche and Buddhism: A Study in Nihilism and Ironic Affinities, Oxford University Press, 1997


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