03 May 2007

Shentong and Prasangika Madhyamaka

The vision behind the teachings of my lama is Shentong. He says that, in fact, there's no difference between Shentong and Prasangika Madhyamaka, the insuperable wisdom. About this (equating Shentong to Yogacara) Dudjom Rinpoche says:
"The Madhyamaka of the Prasangika and the Svatantrika is the coarse, outer Madhyamaka. It should indeed be expressed by those who profess well-informed intelligence during debates with extremist outsiders, during the composition of great treatises, and while establishing texts which concern supreme reasoning. However, when the subtle, inner Madhyamaka is experientially cultivated, one should meditate on the nature of Yogacara-Madhyamaka."